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Photo Zone

Available in 12 colors - gold, silver, black, mint, rainbow, light pink, red, green, purple, white, blue and leopard.

We can make any inscription, logo or thematic decoration. In addition, we offer decoration with balloons or flowers.
In addition there are such things available as glossy floor, different colored racks and tables for cakes.

Price: from 270EUR

Round white banner with an inscription.
Banners are available in any color. In addition, we offer decoration with balloons, flowers, thematic decorations.

Glossy floor, various racks and tables for cakes are available as well.

Price: from 400EUR

Photo area with artificial flowers; Size - 2.20x2.30m, available in several colors. We will arrange the flower photo area in accordance with your request. Mix (picture) of artificial flowers, price starting from 1200 EUR. Real flower compositions in any colors according to your wishes, price starting from 4000 EUR

Price: from 550 EUR
Fabric banners

There are 40 different highly customizable (to match a specific theme), colored banners. Be sure to check the wide variety of available banners and themes. Not to mention, fabric banners are easily deployable (size 2.45x2.45m).


We can make any kind of branding and decorate with floral or balloon compositions, adding themed decorations and flooring.

Price: from 50 EUR
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